ELKIN - geophysical services and personnel recruitment for geological and geophysical survey and exploration
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EKIN Ltd entered the market of marine and aerial gravimagnetic explorations and services in 2002.

Since October 2006 ELKIN Ltd obtained the State License for Russian specialists job placement abroad Russia (License Nr. 20106780886, issued by Migratory Authorities of the Russian Federation on October 12, 2006).

At present ELKIN Ltd provide the following services:

consultation in organizational management, equipment support and staff recruitment at carrying out of marine and/or aerial gravimagnetic survey and explorations.
data processing for marine and aerial gravimagnetic surveys
complex analysis (interpretation) of marine and aerial gravimagnetic data
personnel recruitment for marine and land seismic exploration industries
consulting services and employment of Russian specialists for marine seismic, gravimagnetic and aerial gravimagnetic exploration industry

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