ELKIN - geophysical services and personnel recruitment for geological and geophysical survey and exploration
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Seismic crewing:

ELKIN Ltd. carry out personnel recruitment for marine seismic, gravimagnetic and aerial gravimagnetic exploration industry:

• Seismic observer
• Seismic source mechanic
• Seismic navigators and navigation data processor
• Seismic data processing engineer QC and/or full data processing
• Seismic party chief
• Client representative
• Gravitymeter observer
• Magnetometer observer

Minimum requirements:

• offshore experience at least two years (five years for party chief and client rep positions)
• good level of English
• good level of computer skills
• valid seaman’s passport and international passport (for Russian citizens)
• valid offshore medical certificate
• valid basic offshore survival and fire fighting certificate (HUET is required on demand)
Presence of references is welcomed.

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