ELKIN - geophysical services and personnel recruitment for geological and geophysical survey and exploration
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Geophysical gravimagnetic exploration:
ELKIN offer consulting services in organizational management at carrying out marine and/or aerial gravimagnetic explorations, perform gravimagnetic data processing, complex analysis and interpretation.
We also provide personnel recruitment and training for marine and aerial gravimagnetic geophysical explorations.

Offshore seismic exploration:
ELKIN’s in-house database of Russian specialists allows us to select the seismic crew satisfying to any of your requests. We are able to offer you the following professional disciplines:
• Seismic observers (Syntrak, MSX, SEAL, HTI NTRS)
• Seismic source mechanics (BOLT LL, Sleeve Gun, G Gun)
• Seismic navigators and navigation data processors (Concept Systems, EIVA NaviPac)
• Seismic data processing engineers QC and/or full data processing (ProMAX, Focus, Geocluster)

If you didn’t find the position you are looking for in the list above please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone and we will do all our best to help you.

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